It gives me a special pleasure to announce that, at last, I have opened a website of my own. For quite a long time some of my friends and family members have been urging me to open a website so that my activities and accomplishments during the long struggle for the independence of ERITREA is recorded. One of the reasons why I did not wish to rush to do it was because I wanted to avoid being misunderstood of the motives by some that might think I am doing it just for personal promotion and ambition. Another reason for not rushing to open this website was because some of my activities were more or less classified so I decided to wait for the appropriate time to come. Well, the fact that I have not publicized my activities during the struggle time and for so long time after independence is by itself a testimony that I have no other motive than to make my work available just for the record.

At the forefront I have placed a matrixes list of abstracts of my activities so that readers can easily get a glimpse of the size and variation of my involvement in many fields of work. After reading the matrixes the reader will learn that I did not allow myself to be restricted to one or two disciplines. Now it gives me a pride to see myself achieving good result in fields that I was not even familiar with prior to the start of the project. Later follows a classified categories of my activities under Publications, Articles, Speeches, Projects and so on and so forth. Depending on the size of the website I will subscribe to, I will try to make each and every activity represented so that the website contains a complete dossier.

As some of the documents are old and written in older versions of Word and Word processors it has become difficult or in some instances impossible to open them. But paper copies are always available and I have scanned and integrated them in my website. Because of the enormous time it consumes some of these scanned documents show only the cover pages or/and abstract of the project documents or publications. If anyone is interested in the entire project document I can retrieve and deliver them from my physical storage.

After so long a time packed in cartoons some old documents are not even eligible for scanning let alone for editing. I am therefore forced to drop some of them. Some documents written in older versions of MS Word or other text processors that became difficult or impossible to convert to newer version are also left. In short it is not all inclusive per today.

Some confidential documents, reports and projects which are no longer confidential are included. However there are few documents that I would rather not publish because some how my sources could be detected. These documents are obtained from civil servants and the content has no other value than allowing me to access in advance information of decisions made by some departments and relief agencies on Eritrea.

It is my ultimate hope that readers will find interesting information in this website and understand its availability in its proper perspective. Glory to Eritrea.

Emnetu Tesfay
ulakroken 12
4028 Stavanger
, Norway